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Réti Zsófia

Nagy Imre újratemetésének mediatizált emlékezete

The paper examines the reburial of Imre Nagy in 1989 as a potential lieu de mémoire. The event was and is considered as a concentrated and symbolic representation of the system change. Besides, the reburial also articulated one of the primary stakes of the 1989 processes in Hungary: it managed to integrate the muted memory of 1956 into officially acknowledged cultural memory. The paper argues that the reburial operates in a ritual temporality which is used to create and accentuate a sense of continuity between 1956 and 1989. How is this temporality influenced by the medial environment, the television and radio broadcast of the reburial? How does the ritual quality contribute to the event becoming a site of memory? How is the reburial represented in contemporary popular culture? These are the questions the paper seeks to answer.

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